Razor Web App


Built in early 2018 for Razor (January - March), the purpose of this web application is as a collaborative product backlog for the company.

The web application provides a secure sign in and sign up process for employees of the company and once logged in they can add new technologies, techniques and frameworks to a huge list. Once the items are in the list they can give the items descriptions, URLs, comments and categories. The categories are split into three main parts. Type, Priority and Status. The type depicts whether it is a language, framework etc. The Priority shows whether it is very important to the company or not and the status simply denotes whether it has been adopted, trailing, yet to be used etc. On the main page once logged in, the users can filter the items, search the items as well as create, edit and delete new items. The items are paginated to reduce loading times.

Technologies Used

The app was built in C# using the MVC framework provided by Microsoft.

Find Out More

Check out Razor's Official Website here


The home page of the application - where technologies and products can be viewed/created/deleted


The login page of the application - where the user can login or sign up


The view page of the application - where the user can view the details and comments of a particular product/technology